My Shameful: «…but then again this is no lounge-jazz or top40 pop»

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Formed in 1999, Finnish group My Shameful began it´s life as a two-man project aimed to create music in the vein of My Dying Bride and Shape of Despair,
only to do it heavier and more intense.


Of All the Wrong Things Full-length 2003

…of Dust Full-length 2004

The Return to Nothing Full-length 2006

Descend Full-length 2008

Penance Full-length 2013

Hollow Full-length 2014

In 2014 My Shameful was contacted by Russia´s Moscow Funeral League,
or MFL-Records as they are also known to release the next My Shameful
album. So the band started working. This time around, drums and bass
were recorded in Germany, guitars and vocals in Finland, and the album
was mixed and masters in Finland.

So, listen now Sami Rautio — Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1999-present).

1. There are 6 magnificent albums that have found a cozy
place in the collections of music connoisseurs all over the
world, is this what you wanted to reach as a musician by
2014? This question is in regards both to your own musical
activity, as well as any side-projects you participate in.
Can you ever say: I can not write music?

Good question, am I where I imagined to be at this time? I don´t really know, I´ve never had any long-term plans as a musician. I have a tendency to just make music and release it out there into the «wild» and see how it goes. For sure, there is a goal with our music, but on the other hand, I have no «career» goals as a musician. That kind of keeps the pressure of me and enables me to be 100% creative, instead of trying to find a hit formula.

Of course, there are times when I simply have no inspiration to write music. At those times I just lay down the guitar and have a break from music for a while, it might be hours, it might be days or even weeks.

2. Does the musician have right to hold his own creations
«for better times» (the next album and so on)? Or do the
products of creativity need to be used here and now to
their fullest?

I have some songs tucked away, to be revisited later on, maybe something comes out of them, maybe not, you never know.

3. Do you think about the listener’s perception of one
passage or the other? Or does your work flow like a stream
of consciousness? Is it worth try to please the listener?

Of course I think about how the listener perceives the music, the songs structure, the lyrics, the melodies have to fit. I´m not saying that I´m trying my best to create an entertaining and pleasant experience, quite the opposite really… We do not create music that is easy to listen to, it needs, it has to make the listener a bit uncomfortable. At the end this is not music about love and peace and harmony, it is all about regret, hate, sorrow, despair, nothing uplifting.

4. I’m familiar with all of your work with My Shameful.
Don’t you find that your albums (including “Hollow”) seep
with emotions? If yes, why? Is that a national trait or a
reflection of your own personality ?

I don´t know, that´s how the music comes out. Always has and maybe always will. It is part of my personality, of course. I don´t set out to create certain kind of music, it just is what it is.

5. Do you have something against critics tagging your
material as «Funeral Doom / Death Metal’? How do you define
your own music? Maybe, down-tuned country metal? ))

I guess death/doom metal would fit the bill. I don´t really care for this pigeon holing, but I guess the critics kind of have to have it sliced and diced…

6. In your opinion, how does «Hollow» differ from your
previous albums? What exactly is its appeal for you
personally, besides the fact that it is your “child”?

Well, if you compare it to the early works, there´s a world of difference, if you compare it to Penance, not so much. But I think the new album, «Hollow», is perhaps our most diverse album so far, and also the black metal influences are perhaps strongest on this one.

I think Hollow is a very intense journey, that´s the greatest point of it to me, the level of intensity does not really drop at any point.

7. Please tell us more about the musicians who participated
in the recording of the album.

Juergen (drums) is a very talented and diverse drummer with a background in technical blackmetal, while Twist (bass) has a background in groove-metal, even nu-metal. And then there´s of course me with my death and black metal background… But together we can create such heavy music that it ain´t even funny.

8. Your words for the future listeners of «Hollow»?

Keep your mind open. There´s maybe a few surprises in there, but then again this is no lounge-jazz or top40 pop.

Resurgam with friendly cooperation E.S. (Who Dies in Siberian Slush).

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